Feminism and the Figure of the Fembot (Part 5.1 of 7)

V. Fembot Fatale: Gender and Consciousness Performance in Battlestar Galactica   The ultimate melding of the Femme Fatale figure with the figure of the Fembot can be found in the modern remake of the 1970’s television series, Battlestar Galactica in the character known simply as Number 6.  For those unfamiliar with this sci-fi staple ofContinue reading “Feminism and the Figure of the Fembot (Part 5.1 of 7)”

What It’s Worth

It was the week of Thanksgiving and the city was as frozen as a summer-killed prize turkey. Darla had taken her life in her own hands, wearing heels on a day like this, but she walked across the ice slicked sidewalks towards her apartment building satisfied that if she did eat concrete her four-hundred dollarContinue reading “What It’s Worth”

Inspiration – Learning How to Make a Hat with George

During my childhood, I was exposed to many varied forms of art and culture which have given me an eclectic world view today. From the impressionistic paintings of Degas, to the music of Meatloaf, to the writings of Steinbeck, I sought to experience as many different works of art as I possibly could, encouraged byContinue reading “Inspiration – Learning How to Make a Hat with George”

Feminism and the Figure Fembot (Part 4.4 of 7)

IV. Imperfect Perfection: The Fembot, the Femme Fatale, and the Male Psyche The Fembot and the Femme Fatale are two artistic archetypes that clearly share much in common. Yet, there is another female archetype that arose from the film noir cinema of the thirties and forties. Janey Place refers to this figure as “the virgin,Continue reading “Feminism and the Figure Fembot (Part 4.4 of 7)”

Ordinary is Extraordinary

Shortly after the Great War devastated most of the civilized world, a man named Richard Drew became fascinated with creating an invisible tie that would bind all matter together in harmony. That is to say, Drew worked ceaselessly for several years at creating and perfecting the world’s first transparent adhesive tape; Scotch Tape. In oneContinue reading “Ordinary is Extraordinary”