Black Friday Freebie!

Get ready to make the most out of Black Friday! Kickstart the holiday season with a free romance e-book that will transport you into a dangerous world just beneath our own – the world of “The Night”. Indulge in some steamy seasonal reading and get swept away in the magic of romance. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to enjoy some quality time with a good book. You’ve done shopping for everyone else — this one’s for you!

Before the Night

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all enjoy this day of gratitude! Keep an eye on this space tomorrow to snag my special Thanksgiving gift to you!

HINT: The best things in life are free

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The Check-In

Welcome to THE CHECK-IN, where you can get a sneak peek into my writing progress every week! Read on to find out what I’m working on and how things are progressing in my world.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Dirty Drinks – I can’t tell you how good it felt to sit down and start writing on this anthology novella again. I have high hopes for how this piece is going to turn out. Writing it has been so much fun and therapeutic in it’s own way. It’s hard to explain, but getting to stretch my writing muscles and write in a genre I don’t usually dabble in as been very freeing!
  • Lonely is the Night – I’ve made some limited preliminary progress with the third book in The Night series, but am having a little difficulty finding one of the main character’s voices. Which is unusual for me, frankly. Still, going to keep plugging away at it and hope for a break through.
  • Fickle Fae – The Untitled PNR is untitled no more — and also not a paranormal romance! I realized that I’ve actually got the beginnings of a fantasy romance on my hand, and I’m just as shocked as anyone. I really want to get back to this one, so hopefully I’ll be able to do a few hundred words on this soon.

I took a long break from writing, partially because I needed to step away and rest, and partially because I lost sight of why I was writing. But I’m back and pleased to find that I’m in good form, still able to do at least a thousand words a day. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my momentum up and get some projects finished!


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Robin Jeffrey Author Shop NOW OPEN!


Visit the brand new shop to place your orders for signed books, bookplates, art prints, and microfiction – support me directly and get some great merch to boot. Signed books make fantastic holiday presents and microfiction capsules serve as excellent stocking stuffers!

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Countdown to Bay Street Art Hop in Port Orchard!



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Bay Street Art Hop!

Looking for some fun this Friday? Look no further! Wicked Words Romance Bookstore will be hosting me at Aphrodisia Boutique this Friday, November 17th, from 3pm to 7pm as part of the Bay Street Art Hop in Port Orchard!

Listen to steamy excerpts from my book, HUNGRY IS THE NIGHT, pick up a signed copy for yourself or your friends (they make great gifts!), and so much more at this one of a kind event!

I honestly can’t wait. It’s going to be so much fun! Hope to see you all there!

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