Robin’s Books

Other Published Works

  • “Season of the Dead”, 2nd Place Prize Winner Flash Phenom Contest, The Molotov Cocktail.
  • “Bittersweet”, Issue #5, Sky Island Journal.
  • “Impact”, Issue #4, Cagibi.
  • “Band of Red”, Creative Nonfiction Contest Winner, Silver Needle Press.
  • “The Wild”, April 2019, The Esthetic Apostle.
  • “Rain Dance”, Prometheus Dreaming.
  • “Journey”, Vol. #4, Issue #1, Flumes Literary Journal.
  • “Zoology”, Issue #11, The After Happy Hour Review.
  • “Too Soon”, Vol. #3, Issue #2, Ocotillo Review.
  • “The Bi Eye: Male Gaze, Female Gaze, or Something In Between”, August 23rd, The Mary Sue.
  • “No Air”, Fall 2019 Edition, The New Plains Review
  • “Dear John”, Issue 23: Message Undeliverable, 580 Split
  • “Lightning in a Jar”,  Third Coast
  • “Improving on Perfection, Tiny Seed Journal Blog, Tiny Seed Literary Journal
  • “Deals”,  Millennial Pulp Literary Magazine
  • “They Asked Me Not to Tell”, Labyrinth Issue, Lucky Jefferson
  • “Aversion: Therapy”, Fall 2020, Open Minds Quarterly
  • “Heat”, Ordinary Madness Vol. 3, Weasel Press
  • “Foreign Tongues”, Drunk Monkeys

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