Hungry is the Night

The werewolves of the world live in dens for protection from outsiders. Every major metropolis has one; to belong to a den is to have a family for eternity. However, Grace Holt, next in line to lead the Seattle den called The Nameless, has had enough. After six years of struggling, Grace finally breaks away. Now, having fled to a small, rural town in southeast Oregon, her goal is to blend in and be as “normal” as possible. 

But Marcus Bowen, a wolf from the UK-based Feóndulf den (and the closest thing Grace has ever had to a lover), has other plans. Reappearing thirty years after their affair came to an abrupt and bloody end, Marcus needs Grace to return to Seattle and arrange an audience with Mama, the current leader of The Nameless and Grace’s estranged grandmother. The leader of the Feóndulf and his heir have both been brutally murdered, and Marcus suspects that Grace and Mama are next. 

Teaming up to hunt for the killer in the Emerald City, the pair slowly begin to realize that their romance may not be as dead as they thought. However, as it becomes clear that the person they’re looking for holds secrets about both their dens, Marcus and Grace must grapple with competing loyalties and answer the question: do our origins decide our fates?

Photo of a snarling wolf by Philipp Pilz
Photo by Philipp Pilz via Unsplash

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