The Graveyard Keeper

Hacker Minnie Han is a dead-woman-running when she washes ashore on the edge of one of the United Kingdom’s oldest graveyards. Her body broken, she is taken in by Caron Morgan, an eccentric archaeologist who unearths the dead and documents their stories. Facing death at the hands of her vengeful associates, Minnie finds herself trapped in the geographically and technologically cut-off Cliffhouse and refuses to let go of the distrustful nature that has guaranteed her survival. However, as Caron proves herself worthy, not just of Minnie’s confidence, but also her affection, the two women’s relationship evolves from shared loneliness, to friendship, and finally, romance.

Caught between the consequences of her former life and the promise of a new one, Minnie struggles with how much of her past to reveal to the open-hearted Caron. She resolves to come clean, when a chance discovery throws everything she thought she knew about her savior into question. Who is Caron Morgan? Why is she helping Minnie? Does she have dangerous secrets of her own? Will discovering the truth of these secrets set them both free, or bury them so deep they can’t get out?

Photo by Diana Parkhouse via Unsplash

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