Robin’s Books

When not checking out books to students at the academic library where she works, Robin can be found cranking out punchy flash fiction, lyrical essays, and world-rich romances. Her writing has been published in magazines across the country and around the world. She currently calls the rainy Pacific Northwest home, where she lives happily with her husband and their out of control comic book collection.

Other Published Works

  • “Season of the Dead”, 2nd Place Prize Winner Flash Phenom Contest, The Molotov Cocktail.
  • “Bittersweet”, Issue #5, Sky Island Journal.
  • “Impact”, Issue #4, Cagibi.
  • “Band of Red”, Creative Nonfiction Contest Winner, Silver Needle Press.
  • “The Wild”, April 2019, The Esthetic Apostle.
  • “Rain Dance”, Prometheus Dreaming.
  • “Journey”, Vol. #4, Issue #1, Flumes Literary Journal.
  • “Zoology”, Issue #11, The After Happy Hour Review.
  • “Too Soon”, Vol. #3, Issue #2, Ocotillo Review.
  • “The Bi Eye: Male Gaze, Female Gaze, or Something In Between”, August 23rd, The Mary Sue.
  • “No Air”, Fall 2019 Edition, The New Plains Review
  • “Dear John”, Issue 23: Message Undeliverable, 580 Split
  • “Lightning in a Jar”,  Third Coast
  • “Improving on Perfection, Tiny Seed Journal Blog, Tiny Seed Literary Journal
  • “Deals”,  Millennial Pulp Literary Magazine
  • “They Asked Me Not to Tell”, Labyrinth Issue, Lucky Jefferson
  • “Aversion: Therapy”, Fall 2020, Open Minds Quarterly
  • “Heat”, Ordinary Madness Vol. 3, Weasel Press
  • “Foreign Tongues”, Drunk Monkeys

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