.exe: A Cadence Turing Mystery

Released 10/5/21!
Now available wherever fine books are sold!

A classic murder mystery with a science fiction twist!

Chance Hale is more interested in running around with fascinating women than following in his father’s footsteps as head of the billion-dollar tech company, Halcyon Enterprises. Called home for an important announcement, Chance seeks to liven up the weekend retreat by bringing along the first interesting woman he finds; an alluring young lady named Cadence Turing, who claims to be visiting his home planet Arrhidaeus from her the planet Paraesepe. But when someone turns up murdered, all evidence points to Chance and all ideas of a future for him are erased. Of all the house’s guests, his weekend companion seems to believe she can prove his innocence, though she’s hesitant to admit how.

Can the two help each other before it’s too late?

.exe: A Cadence Turing Mystery (The Cadence Turing Series Book 1)

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