The Doll

He found the first hand sitting on a tuft of scrub grass, fingers splayed up in the air, like sprouts from a weed, the bloodless stump of a wrist balanced perfectly against the ground. Andrew was walking home from school across the moors when he spied the hand on the side of the road. HeContinue reading “The Doll”

Inspiration: Storytellers Who Paint

My family has always been a museum family. As a child I remember that our outings included trips to museums five times as often as they did shopping or going to the movies. Vacations were filled with visits to aquariums, zoos, local historical archives, and civil war battlefields, where I would stand on the groundContinue reading “Inspiration: Storytellers Who Paint”

Lovers Lie

I love waking you up just before I disappear into the freezing black of a winter’s morning, when I’m dressed in something flattering, professional, and uncomfortable, and you’re still naked, nestled between the sheets and our electric blanket like a flower petal pressed between two pages in a book. I love waking you up, theContinue reading “Lovers Lie”