Werewolf Wednesday

Lucian from Underworld

Happy Werewolf Wednesday, everyone! This week I’m going to talk about one of the werewolf characters that significantly influenced me as I constructed my own world of wolfy wonder: Lucian from the Underworld franchise.

Lucian is introduced in the beginning of the first of the Underworld films, and his appearance makes an immediate impact. In fact, as you watch the Underworld films, you come to realize that the entire story pivots around Lucian and his actions — the progenitor of the Lycans and the leader of the Lycan resistance, he is the catalyst for all that has happened, and without him there would be no story.

I think what I love the most about Lucian as a character is how calm, collected, and clever he is. We certainly see werewolves (or Lycans as they are called in the Underworld universe) who revel in their animal side, who are pure muscle and rage, but Lucian, who is held up as a leader, is — dare I say it — rather suave. He doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him, he is a meticulous planner; he is in control of the beast within, not the other way around.

I also find the portrayal of Lucian to be especially compelling because while you can certainly look at his story and say he is driven by rage and revenge, it’s just as easy to examine the trajectory of his arc and say, ultimately, Lucian was and is driven by love. That’s so much more compelling a motivation for a ‘monster’ like a werewolf then something as blasé as rage. He loved and it is for that love that he has risked everything to try and accomplish his ultimate goal.

What are some other stand-out werewolves from television, movies, or books that you think helped broaden or define what a werewolf can be? I’d love to see who some of your favorites are in the comments!

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