Werewolf Wednesday

Fatboy Slim’s Wonderful Night Music Video

Happy Werewolf Wednesday, everyone! This week I’d like to talk about a funky favorite of mine – namely the infinitely watchable music video for Fatboy Slim’s song Wonderful Night

Fatboy Slim rarely fails to deliver in the music video department (their entry for their song Weapon of Choice has become the stuff of legend) and I would argue that Wonderful Night is another solid offering from this English musician, DJ, and record producer. The video starts with a playful homage to classic musicals, featuring men in tuxes and top hats dancing through a colorful, classy cityscape. Everything changes when the full moon peeks its head out from behind the clouds and one of the dancers transforms into a werewolf! The tone of the video shifts and we watch this tux-wearing werewolf go on a complete bender, tearing his way through the city drinking, partying, and occasionally ripping arms off people.

I think this is a great little werewolf story that hits on many classic werewolf tropes, especially the idea that werewolves represent the wild side of all of us. As much as we may try to dress him up, he’s always there, waiting for the opportunity to cut loose. And you know what? It’s damn fun when he does! I think that’s the main idea I draw from this music video: it’s okay to be a little wild sometimes. 

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