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Gretchen S.B.’s Jas Bond Series – Review

Happy Werewolf Wednesday, everyone! This week I’d like to talk about a super fun, cozy mystery/fantasy series of which werewolves are just a fraction of the awesomeness: Gretchen S.B.’s Jas Bond book series!

Jas, a magicless son of a witch, has the pleasure (and he does seem to enjoy it, as much trouble as it causes him) of owning and running what is essentially a supernatural antique shop. This he does with considerable aplomb with the help from a handful of supernaturally inclined employees and his faithful rottweiler Bailey, who barks at the smell of magic. Naturally when you deal with objects that are powerful and occult, things can sometimes get messy — and things do for Jas as he time and again just tries to run a business but finds himself in the middle of a series of magical murders, thefts, and general skullduggery.

One of the many supporting characters in this series is Blake, Jas’ ex-college roommate, best friend, supernatural police detective, and werewolf. He has a fantastic relationship with Bailey (of course), a killer sense of smell, and is loyal to his friends above all else. I love the way S.B. has written werewolves into the rich world she’s created in this series. Werewolves are just one of many kinds of supernatural creatures who exist simultaneously in the world we humans know and love and in the supernatural world, and they seem to navigate this dual existence with grace. Blake never complains about his condition — it’s just part of who he is and makes him better at his job, if nothing else.

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