Saturday in the Stacks

Saturday is the perfect time to wander through the stacks (that’s librarian-speak for “bookshelves”) and talk about books and the people who write them. Pull up a comfy chair and settle in, because today I want to chat about a book that has found me at the perfect time: right when I needed some inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward in my writing journey, I have started reading Haruki Murakami’s Novelist as a Vocation.

Reading with Robin: Sputnik Sweetheart

Hey there, everyone! Welcome to a new feature of my blog: Reading with Robin! As a librarian who loves to read, I also love to talk about books and connect other readers with books they can fall in love with. In these posts, I’m going to talk about what I’ve been reading, what I likedContinue reading “Reading with Robin: Sputnik Sweetheart”