Blogging on Tour: How I Write What I Write

Gosh, I got invited to be a part of this blog tour almost a month ago by the lovely M.M Jordahl and have been a total loser about actually doing my bit. She said some super nice things about me over at her blog,, and combined with being just a cool frood in general,Continue reading “Blogging on Tour: How I Write What I Write”

Inspiration – “The Curious Savage” Says Goodbye to ‘Normal’

As we grow up, we place a lot of emphasis on fitting in. Some people argue that as we reach adulthood, such pressures fade, but they really don’t. Everyone wants to be part of a group, the group – no one really wants to be an outsider. Unless it’s an outsider amongst outsiders. I suspectContinue reading “Inspiration – “The Curious Savage” Says Goodbye to ‘Normal’”

Inspiration – Storytime with “The Wind in the Willows”

As you may have been able to tell from previous posts on this site, I come from a very tight-knit family. My father, mother, older sister, and I have always been very close, even through the worst of times (i.e. puberty – bless my parents for going through that with not one daughter, but two).Continue reading “Inspiration – Storytime with “The Wind in the Willows””

Inspiration – The Colors of “The Fall”

Color can be a very useful tool when telling a story. Many of us have been trained to notice colors, since colors are often used as symbols for meaning. Red is stop, green is go. Yellow or orange can mean caution. To most of North America, black is a depressing color, which can symbolize mourningContinue reading “Inspiration – The Colors of “The Fall””

Inspiration – M*A*S*H and the Ways War Changes Us All

I’ve always enjoyed watching older television shows. The channel TV Land was a favorite with my sister and me, and we could sit for hours watching Barney Miller, Cheers, The Munsters, and many other series from before our time. But one show which I only watched in passing as a child has become much moreContinue reading “Inspiration – M*A*S*H and the Ways War Changes Us All”