Inspiration – John Philip Sousa and Honoring Sacrifice

An inventor, a soldier, a gifted musician – John Philip Sousa was all these things and more. His marches have become entwined with many citizens concept of what it means to be an ‘American’, even though they may be unaware of his name or history. With Memorial Day just around the corner, I felt itContinue reading “Inspiration – John Philip Sousa and Honoring Sacrifice”

Inspiration – Banksy’s Art for the People

While I have had the privilege of visiting many big cities and exploring them, I have yet to actually live in one, excepting the few years I spent in Seattle during my undergraduate studies. Perhaps this is why graffiti still interests and confuses me. Some of the tags are crude phrases, some unreadable sprawls ofContinue reading “Inspiration – Banksy’s Art for the People”

Inspiration: Children Will Listen

Someone is on our side – Someone else is not. While we’re seeing our side, maybe we forgot… They are not alone No one is alone –          “No One is Alone” from Into the Woods I thought long and hard about which theater production I wanted to write about on Mother’s Day. I wanted toContinue reading “Inspiration: Children Will Listen”

Inspiration – “The Long Halloween” and Graphic Literature

Not too long ago librarians would have balked at the idea of putting graphic novels, more commonly referred to as comic books, anywhere in their collection. Graphic novels have been considered time-wasters, subversive, perverse, and downright dangerous for a large part of their history, and until recently have been kept quite separate from what theContinue reading “Inspiration – “The Long Halloween” and Graphic Literature”

Inspiration – Audience Participation in “Doctor Who”

I have to start this post with an entirely personal and subjective opinion – if you are not watching Doctor Who, or have never watched Doctor Who, do so immediately! I will try my best to avoid any spoilers here, but the show is so fantastically done nine times out of ten that it’s reallyContinue reading “Inspiration – Audience Participation in “Doctor Who””