Inspiration – Stealing from the Best of Both Worlds in Firefly

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I am a huge Joss Whedon fan. Joss Whedon, something of a cult icon in the worlds of fandom and television, is probably now best and most widely known as the director of the unbelievably successful Avengers film, which came out in 2012. But Whedon was creating compellingContinue reading “Inspiration – Stealing from the Best of Both Worlds in Firefly”

Inspiration – Growing Up with Motion City Soundtrack

Everyone has those bands that stay with them forever. I’m sure some people much smarter than me have tried to figure out what it is about certain songs heard at certain points in our lives that make them so precious to us. It must be something more than a way of reliving a memory ofContinue reading “Inspiration – Growing Up with Motion City Soundtrack”

Inspiration – The Passion of Gustav Klimt

I first became aware of Gustav Klimt and his work when I was in 10th grade. I had decided to switch my language classes from French, a language I found frankly boring and far more difficult than necessary, to German. My German teacher at the time was named Frau Christophe; she was a delightful, bright,Continue reading “Inspiration – The Passion of Gustav Klimt”

Inspiration – Making Connections with 1776

Seeing as how it’s Presidents’ Day tomorrow, it feels only fitting to talk about a show which captures the very beginnings of the United States of America, 1776. 1776 opened on Broadway in spring of 1969 and was well received by critics and the public. A film adaptation was later produced, released in 1972, starringContinue reading “Inspiration – Making Connections with 1776”

Inspiration – The Stories Behind Histories

In his book The Magic Circle of Rudolf II: Alchemy and Astrology in Renaissance Prague, Peter Marshall explores the life and times of one of the Hapsburg family’s most misunderstood members, Rudolf II, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from 1576 to 1612. Marshall examines Rudolf, not from a 21st century context, but in theContinue reading “Inspiration – The Stories Behind Histories”