Inspiration: George Winston’s Simplistic Beauty

Very few of my early musical memories are independent of my parents, who listened to a wide variety of genres, artists, and time periods. Through them I was exposed to Meatloaf, John Denver, Bach, Bread, Stevie Nicks, and a host of other musicians to whom I still listen. Their album library contained the entire worldContinue reading “Inspiration: George Winston’s Simplistic Beauty”

Inspiration – Growing Up with Motion City Soundtrack

Everyone has those bands that stay with them forever. I’m sure some people much smarter than me have tried to figure out what it is about certain songs heard at certain points in our lives that make them so precious to us. It must be something more than a way of reliving a memory ofContinue reading “Inspiration – Growing Up with Motion City Soundtrack”

Inspiration – The Lesser Known Works of John Williams

If I was to ask you to name as many famous movie composers as you could, I’d bet you that John Williams’ name would be amongst the first four or five composers you’d tell me. He has become, quite literally, a household name, with his themes and scores instantly recognizable and deeply beloved by many.Continue reading “Inspiration – The Lesser Known Works of John Williams”

Inspiration – Sounds Which Bind

Last week a dream of mine came true. I sat in a darkened, Seattle theater, three rows from the stage; a stage which used to house a large projector screen and a heavy damask curtain, but now was strewn with guitars and speakers. The Neptune Theatre had been renovated a year after I graduated college,Continue reading “Inspiration – Sounds Which Bind”