Werewolf Wednesday

Happy Werewolf Wednesday, everyone! This week I’d like to talk about a werewolf story that is near and dear to my scifi loving heart: the season two, episode two offering from Doctor Who, a beauty of a television episode called “Tooth and Claw”.

Inspiration – Audience Participation in “Doctor Who”

I have to start this post with an entirely personal and subjective opinion – if you are not watching Doctor Who, or have never watched Doctor Who, do so immediately! I will try my best to avoid any spoilers here, but the show is so fantastically done nine times out of ten that it’s reallyContinue reading “Inspiration – Audience Participation in “Doctor Who””

Inspiration – The Lesser Known Works of John Williams

If I was to ask you to name as many famous movie composers as you could, I’d bet you that John Williams’ name would be amongst the first four or five composers you’d tell me. He has become, quite literally, a household name, with his themes and scores instantly recognizable and deeply beloved by many.Continue reading “Inspiration – The Lesser Known Works of John Williams”