They tell me I lost my mind. Somewhere between the moons of Argos and Hotep, buried away in the freight hold, crushed between two boxes of dried proteins, I apparently went mad. They tell me they’re relieved I’m feeling better now. That I was scaring them. I laughed a lot, so they say. I findContinue reading “Lost/Found”


When the atom bombs finally went off, mankind had the audacity to act surprised. There was mass panic and chaos all across the globe. Some people took to the streets, running as if they could actually escape the destruction. Others stared stupidly and uncomprehendingly at the sky, mouths hanging open like gaping craters that pittedContinue reading “Cyclical”

You Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?

Frank watched it carefully from behind his bar. The club was empty by this hour, thank goodness. He didn’t want it getting out that he had resorted to this. A demon. Frank Delgatto, how low can you go? Hell, he was desperate. This cop, this Lt. Demming, was closing in, and none of the conventional means of sendingContinue reading “You Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?”

Dust to Dust

“I’m usually smarter than this,” said Janice, scratching her arm and smearing blood up to her elbow. The thing on the table didn’t answer. She was starting to doubt it ever would. Janice had had great success with rats, moving along to reanimating dogs and cats, and when the orangutan swung off the table andContinue reading “Dust to Dust”

Watch and Learn

The empty briefcase thumped hollowly against her stockinged legs. She weaved her way down the crowded city streets, passing between people like water between rocks. She stopped suddenly outside of the high-rise doors, backtracking several steps. Her long silver nails pulled down her tinted sunglasses, her shocking orange eyes surveying the building over the topsContinue reading “Watch and Learn”