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“LOS: A Cadence Turing Mystery” Book Release

It’s official! There are only five days left before “LOS: A Cadence Turing Mystery” is yours for the reading! How far would you go to protect the one you love?

Relationships are never easy. Captain of industry Chance Hale and android detective Cadence Turing know that better than most. Struggling to find their place together, an attempt on Chance’s life soon eclipses all other problems. When the attack on him is linked to a recent murder, things begin to spin completely out of control. Drug runners, freedom fighters, law enforcement officers – everyone and everything seems to be conspiring against Chance and Cadence as the pair are forced to reckon with fallout from a war worlds away.

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Published by rsjeffrey

Robin Jeffrey was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming to a psychologist and a librarian, giving her a love of literature and a consuming interest in the inner workings of people’s minds.

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