The Check-In

Welcome to THE CHECK-IN, where you can get a sneak peek into my writing progress every week! Read on to find out what I’m working on and how things are progressing in my world.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Dirty Drinks (a.k.a. the Mafia Anthology Sub): Yes, the mafia romance novella finally has a title! At least a working one, though I must admit to growing quite fond of it. Once again, not a lot of forward momentum on this piece this week, as I put a lot of time and effort into the The Night Lead Magnet. But I have plenty of time to work on this novella AND I feel good about the fact that I worked out some plot points and scene beats for myself. Going forward should be smooth(ish) sailing.
  • The Night Lead Magnet: In what might be my quickest turn around on a project ever, The Night Lead Magnet has been written! It needs some slight massaging, some editing, some shaping before it’s ready to be sent to the publisher, but it is, essentially, finished. I really like what has grown out of my unused portions of Hungry is the Night and I hope y’all will too. I think it’s a good introduction to my writing style, the series in general, and has some fun *spicy* bits for all to enjoy!
  • Other Projects: As I gear up for a slew of book tour stops over the next month and change, my capacity for other projects is slight to say the least. Next up in the rota will probably be Lonely is the Night and perhaps some more progress on my untitled PNR!

It’s been really nice taking a break from my novel length work to focus on these shorter projects. I don’t think I realized how close I was to burning myself out until I took a step back. It’s a good reminder that as much as I love hard work, taking breaks is just as important.


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Robin Jeffrey was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming to a psychologist and a librarian, giving her a love of literature and a consuming interest in the inner workings of people’s minds.

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