Inspiration – Looking Beneath the Surface of Casablanca

Casablanca was released at the very end of 1942, right in the middle of the very war it captured on film. It was a year after the first American military offenses had begun in World War II. The ending of it, the shape of the world after it would end, was anyone’s guess. In aContinue reading “Inspiration – Looking Beneath the Surface of Casablanca”

The Conman

He couldn’t go to the party alone. It would make him the laughing-stock of the firm, John just knew it. As he was getting ready for the occasion, combing back his hair with compulsive strokes, he could hear their laughter with absolute clarity. The worst part was that John knew, unequivocally knew, that it wasContinue reading “The Conman”


If there were any stars in the cold, New York sky, they were invisible; blocked out by the lights of a thousand rooftop parties happening all over the city, many having started as soon as it got dark, thousands of New Yorkers ready to welcome in the New Year with slurred cries of joy. ForContinue reading “Resolved”

Empty Rooms

It was the first anniversary of her husband’s death. Marie had made certain that she would be too busy to remember it. It had started just after she’d gotten the call from the hospital; there had been an accident on the freeway; seven car pile-up; one fatality; her John. It was all so sudden, soContinue reading “Empty Rooms”

For Your Own Protection

Betty awoke with a jolt, so disoriented by the strangeness of her surroundings that she forgot that her name was no longer Betty, but Tara. The fear ebbed out of Tara’s lined face when she realized the pounding she heard was not someone at the door, but some punk kid’s bass, blaring down the streetsContinue reading “For Your Own Protection”