Reading with Robin: The Awakening (Dragon Heart Legacy Series)

Hey there, everyone! Welcome to another installment of Reading with Robin! As a librarian who loves to read, I also love to talk about books and connect other readers with books they can fall in love with. In these posts, I’m going to talk about what I’ve been reading, what I liked about the book,Continue reading “Reading with Robin: The Awakening (Dragon Heart Legacy Series)”

Before the Dawn

The days were getting longer, the early morning sky streaked with dull sunlight when he rose now, the clouds like a pane of frosted glass through which the light struggled to shine. Henry folded the last of Stephanie’s clothes into a black trash bag, depositing the pink summer dress into the recesses of the darkContinue reading “Before the Dawn”


The proposal hadn’t gone as smoothly as Eric would have liked. In fact, it hadn’t really gone at all. Bethany bolted for the bathroom as soon as he took the ring box out of his pocket. He’d sat at the table for ten minutes, numb, like a dazed dog clipped by a speeding car, untilContinue reading “Rescue”

An Examination of “The Graduate”

“I want to say one word to you. Just one word.” “Yes, sir?” “Are you listening?” “Yes, sir.” “…Plastics.” One of the iconic scenes from the movie that made Dustin Hoffman a star and the name Mrs. Robinson synonymous with the seductive dangers facing the new generation, this one word, “plastics”, defines one of theContinue reading “An Examination of “The Graduate””


Brandon was a firm believer in the concept of re-gifting. After all, if you really liked something, chances were someone who liked you would also like that something. It wasn’t cheap; it was economical and earth friendly. It was also why none of Brandon’s romantic relationships could last longer than a year. Brandon told hisContinue reading “Selfishness”