Inspiration – “The Curious Savage” Says Goodbye to ‘Normal’

As we grow up, we place a lot of emphasis on fitting in. Some people argue that as we reach adulthood, such pressures fade, but they really don’t. Everyone wants to be part of a group, the group – no one really wants to be an outsider. Unless it’s an outsider amongst outsiders. I suspectContinue reading “Inspiration – “The Curious Savage” Says Goodbye to ‘Normal’”

Inspiration – Making Connections with 1776

Seeing as how it’s Presidents’ Day tomorrow, it feels only fitting to talk about a show which captures the very beginnings of the United States of America, 1776. 1776 opened on Broadway in spring of 1969 and was well received by critics and the public. A film adaptation was later produced, released in 1972, starringContinue reading “Inspiration – Making Connections with 1776”