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Hungry is the Night Character Profile: Lawrence Hughes

Happy Werewolf Wednesday, everyone! Hungry is the Night hits shelves in less than a month, and with that in mind, I’d like to introduce you this week to one of the books main antagonists: the formidable Lawrence Hughes.

The back of Marcus’ head blocked most of the screen, but past his shoulder I found myself staring into a sharp, small face. Olive eyes pricked at my skin through the screen as the older man glared at Marcus, a scowl drawn tight across his lips, like an arrow drawn back on a bow string.

Hungry is the night by Robin jeffrey

Name: Lawrence Hughes

Eye Color: Green (olive)

Hair Color: Silver

Height: 5’9”

Age: Appears to be in his mid 50s, but is actually around 300 years old.   

Personal Style: Whether Lawrence Hughes is truly from old money or not, he certainly likes to act like it, dressing in only the finest tailored suits and clothes – nothing off the rack for this gentleman. His short, silver hair is always worn combed back from his face and, depending on the era he may or may not sport carefully curated facial hair. 

Werewolf or Human: Werewolf.

If Werewolf – Bitten or Born?: Born.

If Werewolf – Den Affiliation?: Feóndulf – the UK den. 

Notable Traits: Hughes is head of the Feóndulf Council second only to the leader of the den himself. He has held that prestiges position for centuries, enjoying the power and privileges it provides, and will do anything he can to stave off change, seeing it as a threat to his well-ordered empire. 

People Often Say they are: Cold. Haughty. Efficient. Self-serving.

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