Inspiration – Banksy’s Art for the People

While I have had the privilege of visiting many big cities and exploring them, I have yet to actually live in one, excepting the few years I spent in Seattle during my undergraduate studies. Perhaps this is why graffiti still interests and confuses me. Some of the tags are crude phrases, some unreadable sprawls ofContinue reading “Inspiration – Banksy’s Art for the People”

Inspiration – The Passion of Gustav Klimt

I first became aware of Gustav Klimt and his work when I was in 10th grade. I had decided to switch my language classes from French, a language I found frankly boring and far more difficult than necessary, to German. My German teacher at the time was named Frau Christophe; she was a delightful, bright,Continue reading “Inspiration – The Passion of Gustav Klimt”

Inspiration – Jack Vettriano and the Beauty in Beasts

Visual art is a particularly ambiguous and inclusive form of human expression. Images can bridge gaps that language, time, and geography create. To a certain extent, visual art is about the universality of human experience in a way few other forms are. Yet it is also a highly individualized experience; after all, beauty is inContinue reading “Inspiration – Jack Vettriano and the Beauty in Beasts”

Inspiration: Storytellers Who Paint

My family has always been a museum family. As a child I remember that our outings included trips to museums five times as often as they did shopping or going to the movies. Vacations were filled with visits to aquariums, zoos, local historical archives, and civil war battlefields, where I would stand on the groundContinue reading “Inspiration: Storytellers Who Paint”