Inspiration – Sweating the Small Stuff

I came to the world of comic books fairly late in my adolescence. It was actually a love of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer that first drove me to enter what was, at the age of sixteen, the forbidding comic shop in my town. Several years, over five ComicCons (the local Emerald City ComicConContinue reading “Inspiration – Sweating the Small Stuff”

Inspiration – Jack Vettriano and the Beauty in Beasts

Visual art is a particularly ambiguous and inclusive form of human expression. Images can bridge gaps that language, time, and geography create. To a certain extent, visual art is about the universality of human experience in a way few other forms are. Yet it is also a highly individualized experience; after all, beauty is inContinue reading “Inspiration – Jack Vettriano and the Beauty in Beasts”