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How to Write a Dirty Story – TBR

Saturday is the perfect time to wander through the stacks (that’s librarian-speak for “bookshelves”) and talk about books and the people who write them. Pull up a comfy chair and settle in, because today I want to chat about a book that has just recently made it onto my To Be Read shelf: Susie Bright’s How to Write a Dirty Story.

Let me explain.

I was wandering through the shelves at my nearest Half Priced Books when I stumbled across this gem just outside of the literature section. There’s a few shelves there that hold a collection of what I think of as “Writer How-To’s”. Stephen King’s On Writing can be found there, as can Bird by Bird, Writing Down the Bones, and countless other classics. I always look in this section because I’m always anxious to improve my craft, always looking for good advice, and am generally hopeful that I can simply read more and write better. 

As a first time romance author, Bright’s book practically jumped off the shelf at me. Now, I am very well aware that not all romance novels need to be explicit or erotic in nature. I would be the first person to point that out. But many of them do have “spicy” scenes, and, in perfect candor I tell you, reader, the romance I have written and the romances I intend to write most certainly do as well. 

An unapologetic intellectual, I often feel the best way to learn how to do something well is to study how to do the something, preferably under the tutelage of experts. This book promises a thorough examination of how to write dirty and how to write it well from a master of the genre herself. I’m looking forward to digging into this book, seeing what nuggets of wisdom I can glean and how I can make my next spicy scene truly sizzle.

If you’re interested in getting a taste of my first foray into the romance genre, I’ve got great news for you: Hungry is the Night is now available for preorder on all major ebook platforms! Visit the link here to order your copy in advance and, if you send a copy of your receipt to, I will send you back an exclusive excerpt of the book! Three full chapters of wolfy goodness for you to enjoy! 

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