Cost of Living

Once upon a time, there was a little village, nestled deep in a wooded valley, where no one ever died. You might think that it would have been the happiest village in the world. It wasn’t. The village was in perpetual darkness, the large trees which surrounded every house and farm blocking out both sunContinue reading “Cost of Living”

Mind Over Matter

The migraine had lasted for three days. Paul begged his wife to go see the doctor, but she just glared at him in the bathroom mirror as she swallowed down another Excedrin. “Honestly, Paul,” she said, once the pill had been pushed down her throat, “you’re like an old woman. It’ll be fine.” She ranContinue reading “Mind Over Matter”

The Fable of Stingy Jack

They called me Stingy Jack, but I still say tis a matter of opinion. When all you’ve got is nothing, being charitable tisn’t in your best interest! Aye, I may have lied, tricked, and deceived my way through drinks and women and places to sleep – but not a one of ye wouldn’t have doneContinue reading “The Fable of Stingy Jack”

Dust to Dust

“I’m usually smarter than this,” said Janice, scratching her arm and smearing blood up to her elbow. The thing on the table didn’t answer. She was starting to doubt it ever would. Janice had had great success with rats, moving along to reanimating dogs and cats, and when the orangutan swung off the table andContinue reading “Dust to Dust”

Inspiration – “The Long Halloween” and Graphic Literature

Not too long ago librarians would have balked at the idea of putting graphic novels, more commonly referred to as comic books, anywhere in their collection. Graphic novels have been considered time-wasters, subversive, perverse, and downright dangerous for a large part of their history, and until recently have been kept quite separate from what theContinue reading “Inspiration – “The Long Halloween” and Graphic Literature”