When I put the first spoonful into my mouth, I started to cry. The sugar melted on my tongue and the sweet tartness of the juices made the roof of my mouth tingle. A teardrop reached the corner of my mouth; it was the sudden saltiness that first made me realize what I was doing.Continue reading “Peaches”

Cost of Living

Once upon a time, there was a little village, nestled deep in a wooded valley, where no one ever died. You might think that it would have been the happiest village in the world. It wasn’t. The village was in perpetual darkness, the large trees which surrounded every house and farm blocking out both sunContinue reading “Cost of Living”

Like a Movie

At one hundred and four years of age, Geraldine was fairly certain that she had learned most everything worth knowing and done most everything worth doing. The tiny plastic tubes that were stuck up her nostrils itched terribly. She scowled, swiping at her nose with a shaking, liver-spotted hand. When the nurse came back, JaniceContinue reading “Like a Movie”