Like a Movie

At one hundred and four years of age, Geraldine was fairly certain that she had learned most everything worth knowing and done most everything worth doing. The tiny plastic tubes that were stuck up her nostrils itched terribly. She scowled, swiping at her nose with a shaking, liver-spotted hand. When the nurse came back, JaniceContinue reading “Like a Movie”


If there were any stars in the cold, New York sky, they were invisible; blocked out by the lights of a thousand rooftop parties happening all over the city, many having started as soon as it got dark, thousands of New Yorkers ready to welcome in the New Year with slurred cries of joy. ForContinue reading “Resolved”

What It’s Worth

It was the week of Thanksgiving and the city was as frozen as a summer-killed prize turkey. Darla had taken her life in her own hands, wearing heels on a day like this, but she walked across the ice slicked sidewalks towards her apartment building satisfied that if she did eat concrete her four-hundred dollarContinue reading “What It’s Worth”