Inspiration – Storytime with “The Wind in the Willows”

As you may have been able to tell from previous posts on this site, I come from a very tight-knit family. My father, mother, older sister, and I have always been very close, even through the worst of times (i.e. puberty – bless my parents for going through that with not one daughter, but two).Continue reading “Inspiration – Storytime with “The Wind in the Willows””

Through the Looking Glass: Self-Knowledge Through Reading in “Frankenstein” (Part 2 of 2)

In Frankenstein, Habermas’ thoughts and theories are clearly taken as fact, and are enacted throughout many of the characters’ stories. The three characters that demonstrate and confirm Habermas’ theories the most blatantly are Walton, the explorer on an expedition to the Arctic, Victor Frankenstein, and the Creature himself. Each of their personal narratives recount aContinue reading “Through the Looking Glass: Self-Knowledge Through Reading in “Frankenstein” (Part 2 of 2)”


This piece is dedicated to Stephanie Mullen-Sin (@mullen_sin), an artist in search of a muse, who became a muse of my own. I hope you enjoy it! Freedom is a funny thing, thought Stephanie, staring down at the type-filled pages in her daughter’s hands. She remembered when those rows of black figures looked to herContinue reading “Freedom”