Inspiration – Looking Beneath the Surface of Casablanca

Casablanca was released at the very end of 1942, right in the middle of the very war it captured on film. It was a year after the first American military offenses had begun in World War II. The ending of it, the shape of the world after it would end, was anyone’s guess. In aContinue reading “Inspiration – Looking Beneath the Surface of Casablanca”

Coming Out of the Closet: “Carrie”, “Halloween”, and the Duality of Safe Spaces (Part 1 of 2)

Marilyn Ferguson, a founding member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology, observed that “Fear is a question: What are you afraid of, and why? … Your fears are a treasure-house of self-knowledge if you explore them” (Moncur). Horror movies are one of the unique tools that human beings implement to explore their deepest fears. AudiencesContinue reading “Coming Out of the Closet: “Carrie”, “Halloween”, and the Duality of Safe Spaces (Part 1 of 2)”

Inspiration – The Lesser Known Works of John Williams

If I was to ask you to name as many famous movie composers as you could, I’d bet you that John Williams’ name would be amongst the first four or five composers you’d tell me. He has become, quite literally, a household name, with his themes and scores instantly recognizable and deeply beloved by many.Continue reading “Inspiration – The Lesser Known Works of John Williams”

Feminism and the Figure of the Fembot (Part 4.2 of 7)

IV. Imperfect Perfection: The Fembot, the Femme Fatale, and the Male Psyche In her essay Women in Film Noir, Janey Place explores these and other questions relating to the enigmatic figure of the Femme Fatale in film noir. By picking apart her arguments and claims, one can find ideas and concepts that shed equal illuminationContinue reading “Feminism and the Figure of the Fembot (Part 4.2 of 7)”